HTTP and REST are shortcuts that are quite popular and widespread. If you touched programming at least for a bit, you, for sure, had the opportunity to hear about these two terms that we’ll talk about in this article and I will try to answer every question you might’ve had about them.

What is HTTP?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a protocol for transmitting hypermedia documents, such as HTML. It is designed to enable communication between clients and servers. This protocol is based on a request-response communication between a client and a server.

An example of HTTP usage would be us entering a…

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This article was originally posted on Functional Works.

Developing customized complex software systems is usually challenging, time-consuming and expensive, especially if it consists of multiple modules.
One way to mitigate the cost of that is to integrate third-party APIs in our project and achieve what we need in less time, at a lower cost.

Understanding Third-party integrations

The term third-party integration generally means adding external data that we need in our projects, by using different APIs that are not part of our project.

By using third-party APIs, we can develop things faster, as we don’t create code from scratch, but we reuse already…

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A few months ago, after I wrote my first article about building a simple Task Manager in React, I had on mind to integrate React in Laravel and build a RESTful API where we’d fetch our data from, instead of fetching it from a public API like it’s the case with the project from my first article.

So, here it is: A simple task manager built in React and Laravel!

Just to give you an idea of what we’ll be doing:

Lego unicorn
Lego unicorn
Image source: Pixabay

Recently at work, we needed a lightweight custom-made plugin for a beautified view of images featured by a slide show and a couple of other options, so I decided to create ImageBox — my first npm package.

What is ImageBox

It’s an npm package that provides a beautified view of images, together with possible options both for a slider and a slide show.

Now I will make both mine and your lives easier and I will show you what ImageBox is and how does it look like in just 15 seconds:

Recently when I started learning React I saw a lot of people (including myself) getting confused when seeing npx instead of the very well known npm.

Some of us found it weird but didn’t give much thought, others thought it was a typo and even went into the trouble of “fixing” it by running npm instead of npx.

When I see something happening more than once, I consider it as being worth to be explained. That’s why this article, to all who had the same misunderstanding as me:

It’s not a typo, it’s npx, not npm! 😃


As we might…

I got tired of answering with a “No” to the question “Do you React?” :), so I decided to learn it, document my built project with this article and hopefully help someone else that is on the same challenge of learning React.

When learning something new, I choose to start with the simplest examples and this time it was a Todo List i.e. Task Manager.

By the way, on this journey, I realized why React is an amazing library! :)


We will be using node.js and npm (they come together) which are required to run our React app.

Also, we…

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